Turf facility can handle a variety of sports from all ages


WBC Park loves to host sporting events beyond our beloved Lake Country DockHounds. Youth sports, college athletes, bar leagues, we have the space and the creativity to make WBC Park a perfect fit for your organization. Whether it’s an outdoor event on the turf, or an indoor winter league, sports is what we do.

Sporting events at Wisconsin Brewing Company Park are what we do


If your high school baseball or softball team is looking to host a game, a tournament, or a new place to call home, we can help you. 

The turf playing surface is designed to help increase your chances of playing despite the wide range of weather that Wisconsin throws at us. 

If you’re interested in using the facilities, we’d love to hear from you.

Please check out some of the leagues and sporting events already happening at WBC Park.

Bryant and Stratton College Baseball

Bryant and Stratton College will be playing baseball games at WBC Park during their 2024 season. 

As part of the NJCAA Division 2 Baseball League, we are proud to host games where college talent can gain experience playing in a minor league baseball facility. 


The Dairyland Collegiate League (DCL) is a wood bat summer league for current collegiate players throughout the country and operates as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation that is primarily dependent on donations from individuals and businesses in each team’s community.

With an avg. distance of 25 minutes from Madison, WI and 45 minutes from Milwaukee, WI, the DCL is in a great location for players to train and experience a different part of the Midwest. 

The DCL will host 16 games at Wisconsin Brewing Company Park.