Lake Country Cards Stadium Card Show

Lake Country Cards Stadium Card Show

Do you have a craving for getting back to WBC Park? Have you missed spending time at the stadium and enjoying a fresh Wisconsin Brewing Company brew?

Be sure to come out to the Lake Country Cards Stadium Card Show on February 18 at WBC Park.

Baseball Card show at the Stadium Card Show


February 18, 2023
Admission is FREE
☆☆ BUY — SELL — TRADE ☆☆


General Admission is FREE and opens at 1pm. KIDS WELCOME!


Whether you’re a lifelong collector, collected as a child or are just curious what all the buzz in the card industry is about, this event is for you! This show has everything from dollar boxes to 6 digit showcases! You will see everything from Vintage Sports Cards to Ultra Modern of all sports, Gaming cards such as Pokémon, and even non-gaming stuff like Star Wars and Garbage pail kids.

Come to look around, bring cards to trade or make some money selling yours. And YES, we love to look at cards you have sitting around in the attic! Bring them and ask for Tim & Lorena! If you have a large collection you want assessed or are looking to sell, give us a call at (262)745-8833.


Food and drink will be available throughout the ProHealth Pavilion and Baird Wealth Management Club Level.


Vendors can arrive and set up as early as 11am. Vendor spots are limited and may be sold out. If no table is available, you can be put on a waitlist. Please email for more info.